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Trainings in Facilitation

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What's better than hiring a
professional facilitator to
help your group?

How about training yourself to
be an effective facilitator?

Or training your whole group to
use consensus decision-making?

Now we're talking.

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Group Facilitation 101

This two hour introductory class on group facilitation teaches participants how to use a standard agenda to structure productive meetings. The principles and ethics of the facilitator role are discussed. Standard interventions are described. And many tips for trouble-shooting common group dynamics are offerred. The class is designed to be both fun and informative for novice or intermediate facilitators.

Consensus-Oriented Decision-Making

This three hour class teaches participants how to use the CODM model to facilitate widespread agreement in groups. The seven steps of the model are described in detail. And modifications of the model for use in specific applications are also discussed. The class also covers how consensus-oriented decision-making can be used with various types of final decision rules and organizational authority structures.

Communication Skills For Facilitators

This class is offered in various lengths. It teaches participants how to apply prinicples of Systems Theory and Nonviolent Communication in the context of group facilitation. Specific skills include: supporting contributions in open discussion, reframing criticism, requesting cooperation, defusing power struggles, promoting collaboration, identifying underlying feelings and needs, providing empathy, and staying non-defensive.

Comprehensive Facilitation Training

This three day training covers all of the above course content in depth. It prepares participants to lead Consensus-Oriented Decision-Making with confidence. This training includes opportunities to discuss case examples, experience present moment facilitation, and connect with each other as a learning community.

To schedule a training for your group or to attend a public training please contact me by email: Tim@TimHartnett.com

Consensus Facilitation is local to Northern California, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Santa Cruz County. .
Services outside of Northern California are also available by special arrangement.

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