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Presentations by Tim Hartnett

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Past Schedule:

November 16, 2013
Yulupa Co-Housing Group
Santa Rosa, CA

Using Consensus Process in Cohousing
A half-day training tailored to the needs of the cohousing group hosting the training.

July 6, 2013
Wild & Radish Ecovillage Project
El Sobrante, CA

Key Facilitation & Consensus Skills & Concepts
Designing the right process for each issue
Understanding the stages of fruitful discussion
Keeping the process collaborative and oriented toward consensus
Keeping the process efficient and focused toward resolution
Identifying and realizing the values behind consensus
Skills, ethics and responsibilities of participants
Pitfalls of consensus and how to deal with them
What happens when agreement is not possible
Designing custom decision rules for your group

Community Building Communication Skills
Key principles and skills of Non-violent Communication
Raising concerns directly and compassionately
Expressing feelings responsibly
Helping each other feel deeply understood
Key principles and skills of Conflict Resolution
Dissolving deadlocks and polarized positions
Identifying shared underlying concerns
Learning to be your own mediator(s)

Dec. 8, 2012
Sunward Cohousing Community
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Using Consensus Process in Cohousing
A one day training tailored to the needs of the cohousing group hosting the training.

Nov. 18, 2012
Out There Project
Oakland, CA

Training in Consensus & Facilitation
A one day training tailored to the needs of the group hosting the training.

Sept. 22-23, 2012
Art of Community:
Creating Sustainable Culture through Cooperation
Occidental, CA

Consensus-Oriented Decision Making
A new model is available for groups seeking to make decisions that garner widespread agreement. The CODM method combines consensus process with best practices from the fields of mediation, conflict resolution and nonviolent communication. The result is a seven-step process that allows groups to develop proposals in a way that combines full participation with a reasonable sense of efficiency. CODM provides a more detailed path toward collaboration than any existing consensus model. And the method can be flexibly applied in groups with different types of decision rules and power structures. This workshop will include a presentation on the contributions this new method can make in communal decision-making, and a discussion on how the model may freshly address many of the difficulties communities commonly experience.

Dealing with Personality Conflicts in Community
A great variety of people are drawn to the vision of living in community. Despite our high ideals, however, getting along with everyone in the group may be a real challenge. This session will be a facilitated discussion, drawing on the combined wisdom of the participants. We will identify the types of behavior patterns that typically cause problems in community. And we will share our experiences dealing with these challenges. When it is useful, concepts from Non-Violent Communication and Humanistic Psychology can be offered to help frame the issues raised. Participants can expect to both self-reflect and offer their insights to the group.

August 25, 2012
Mariposa Cohousing Group
Oakland, CA

Using Consensus Process in Cohousing
A one day training tailored to the needs of the cohousing group hosting the training.

June 15, 2012
National Cohousing Conference
Oakland, CA

Consensus-Oriented Decision Making
(See Description Above)

Sept. 23-25, 2011
Art of Community:
Occidental, CA

Consensus-Oriented Decision Making
(See Description Above)

Inspired Collaboration
Working together well is a dream we all share. And how we rise to this challenge determines how well our communities function. But when you take personal responsibility for your part in successful collaboration you not only help your group, you also give yourself a chance for spiritual growth. This growth can be inspired and guided by conscious reflection on several key principles of collaboration. This workshop will offer you a chance to identify and reflect on the transcendant values that define this path in your own life. The goal is to inspire renewed hope for harmonious cooperation with your family or tribe, and to deepen the sense of meaning you gain from living in community.

August 9th, 2011
Webinar for Transition US

Consensus-Oriented Decision Making
(see above description)

April 14, 2011
International Association of Facilitators
Annual Conference: Denver, CO.

Consensus-Oriented Decision Making:
New Concepts That Make it Work

Learn how to facilitate groups to widespread agreement. All groups can use a consensus process, no matter how they finalize decisions. We will discuss how to structure discussions to maximize collaboration in a variety of settings, drawing from new concepts in Tim's upcoming book, Consensus-Oriented Decision-Making (New Society Publishers, 2011).

Consensus Facilitation is local to Northern California, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Santa Cruz County. .
Services outside of Northern California are also available by special arrangement.

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