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Meeting & Retreat Facilitation

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It can be very helpful to have an outside facilitator assist your group by leading important meetings or extended organizational retreats. The neutrality of an outside facilitator can help all participants feel safe and willing to participate fully. The skill of a professional facilitator can keep the agenda moving forward so progress is made in a way the whole group feels good about.

Facilitation by Tim Hartnett

A Facilitator can help with:

*Making Controversial Decisions
*Strategic & Long Range Planning
*Raising Morale and Reducing Conflict
*Working Together as a Team
*Improving Organization and Communication

Facilitation Modalities

*Open Space Technology
*Dynamic Facilitation
*Appreciative Inquiry
*CODM (Consensus-Oriented Decision Making)

There can be a great payoff for investing time and resources into building a better group dynamic in your organization. When a group finds widespread agreement, implementation of decisions can become much more successful. And when a group learns new ways to work together well, all future projects and decisions will benefit.

When hired as a facilitator, I begin by assessing current organizational functioning. This usually involves meeting with a sample of group leaders and members. Through these pre-meeting interviews I help the group craft an agenda and process structure designed to accomplish the group's stated objectives in a participatory and collaborative way.

My facilitation work is guided by my values of honesty, transparency, and systemic advocacy. At all times I strive to openly explain any process recommendations I make. My goal is to assist the group as a whole function well by supporting each participant. All decision-making power remains with the group, and in whatever its existing authority structure may be.

Click here to learn about the Facilitation Modalities I commonly employ.

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Consensus Facilitation is local to Northern California, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Santa Cruz County. .
Services outside of Northern California are also available by special arrangement.

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